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Laura McNamara

August 11, 2023

5 Eco-Friendly Practices for Restaurants

Simple steps for a greener business

Environmental concerns are more pressing than ever, and it's important for every sector to do their part in preserving our planet. Making eco-conscious choices doesn't have to be difficult - there are many simple yet impactful practices that can be incorporated into your business' day to day operations.

Step up to the plate of environmental responsibility by using the following eco-friendly tips!

Cook With Seasonal Ingredients

Cooking with seasonal fruits and vegetables is great for the environment and for our health. Produce grown out of their natural season require environmental modifications to grow, generating excess carbon emissions in the process. Imported produce also produces excess emissions due to the long distance it travels to reach its destination.

Search by state at to find what’s in season near you!

Source Locally

The USDA defines “local” as a distance of 400 miles or less from food production to consumption.

There are many benefits to locally sourced food: it tastes fresh, requires minimal packaging and transport, and strengthens the local economy. Locally sourcing food also makes it easier to buy in-season!

Other supplies can be locally sourced as well- from beer and wine to furniture and decor.

Eco-Friendly Takeout Packaging

The shift towards eco-friendly packaging isn't just a trend; it's a crucial step in reshaping the food service industry's impact on our planet. By opting for packaging materials that prioritize renewable resources and biodegradability, you not only contribute to reducing pollution and conserving resources but also inspire a conscious consumer base.

Customers today value businesses that align with their own eco-conscious values, and by using eco-friendly packaging you can reflect a dedication to responsible practices.

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Donate Unused Food

Donating unused food from your business is a powerful way to create a positive ripple effect in our communities and the environment.

Teaming up with your local food bank is a simple solution to dramatically reduce your food waste. This is a practice that combines social responsibility and eco-consciousness!

Click here to find your local food banks through Feeding America. 

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Many cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can cause air & water pollution - both through production & use - chemicals to look out for include ammonia, formaldehyde, and phosphates.

Visit the EPA’s Safer Choice page where you can find products that are safe for our health and the environment by reducing pollution and harmful chemical use.

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